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I support people internationally with aligning with the light of their own soul-essence I Am Presence. This self-illumination brings harmonious awareness with the eternal self, activating self-trust, authenticity and clarity with self and the Divine. You matter - it all matters. Every choice, large or small, sculpts the very universe we live in. That alone is worth showing up for.
Services - Referral Program Available! With a confirmed, paid booking, you receive a gratitude offering of $10 off your next service.

Akashic Record Private Readings & Energy Healings

If you would like to access your soul's history, uncouple from distortions, discover and re-engage forgotten talents and gifts, gain valuable and actionable information about your business, personal or purpose work, seed intentions and receive unexpected guidance this is for you - includes karmically-appropriate energy clearing and healing. One hour, $90.

Aura Energy Cleansing & Repair

Enjoy a deeply informative and transformative 7-layer auric cleanse, repair and refresh. Each layer reveals specific information that I read and share with you. Then they are focused up and engaged with so we free and heal you from energetic debris, distortions, leaks, damage. We can even check in on your karmic progress and how aligned you are with the Divine (which is equivalent/synched up with your purpose work). One hour, $90.

Soul Alignment: A Multi-Dimensional Odyssey

Did you know that living in the heart space, your I Am Presence will heal your lightbodies more than anything else? Connect with your eternal I Am Presence, experience your soul essence and remember who you are in spiritual truth. Essential for all spiritual growth and development. By learning this foundational skill you are supported with personal illumination, enlightenment and realizing how loved, valued, essential, included, precious and sacred you truly are. One hour, $90.

Akashic Record Classes: At Your Place

Would you like to learn how to read your own Akashic Records and practice during this self-empowering experiential?  You put together a small group of 4 to 8 people and I will come to the location of your choice.  I teach how to access your Records, tips and tricks, what you can do once in your records and leave you with a printed handout with a method that allows you to open up your Akashic Recrods so you can practice on your own.  2 hours, $44 per person.

Reiki Home Visits

Experience powerful and gentle purification for stress reduction, increased energy flow, pain reduction and nervous system reset towards a calmer and more relaxed state of being so your body can remember how to heal itself.  Home visits are easily arranged so you can fully immerse yourself in the healing and maximize the benefits.  I can supply all clean linens, and at the end of the session I pack up and leave you to enjoy your deeply peaceful state of being.  One hour, $122.

HeartMath Heart-Brain Coherence Mentoring

An excellent place to enhance your self- development for personal or business reasons.  You will quickly and easily learn skills to use on the go for today’s busy lifestyle.  You will bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment and connect with your heart’s intutive wisdom.  This is not meditation, in fact it is practiced by first responders, sports teams, and any group of people requiring resilence in the face of  challenges.  There are so many benefits to embracing a lifestyle living with heart coherence.  Please see the PDF for lots of valuable information.  One hour, $90.

Intuitive Readings & Energy Work

If you are looking for clear, practical and helpful insight that point the way to empowered action with conscious and deliberate choice this is the session for you.  This service gives specific lazer-focus on what you want to explore, typically in a Q&A format.  With deeper awareness and understanding you can step beyond challenges, blocks and limiting beliefs, giving you freedom to live life authentically. When you know life is happening for and through you, not to you, a new light dawns and that light is you!  One hour, $90.

Metaphysical Mentoring/Coaching

This is a great time and money saver!  Receive the distillation of the very best of teachings and techniques that I have gathered over decades of metaphysical exploration, experimentation and practices.  Let me bring my experience to yours, and support and teach you the skills you are looking for.  Instead of taking different courses, we dial in and you get exactly what you are looking for: teaching, guidance, supervised practice of skills and more.  This is a great way to learn about terms, definitions that you have heard for some time and now are really wanting to unpack it all.  One hour, $90.

Angel Guide Sessions

These personalized sessions are for those who desire deeper connections with the Celestial Angelics.  For anything you need, there is an angel for that!  Learn who the angels are and how and why we can easily connect with them.  You will be supported in establishing helpful, supportive relationships with these sacred beings. Remove old vows, contracts, cords, implants and old energy.  Receive guidance and specific prayers and learn how to connect with them on your own.  Includes a 3-card Angel Card reading.  One hour, $90.

Star Fire Cellular Illuminations

 This service is nothing less than a cellular illumination.  Feel what it is like to connect with the purity of your light in your physical body.  Soul bathe within your Brilliance.  As Meister Eckhart quotes “The eye with which I see God is the same as with which God sees me.  My eye and God’s eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge and one love.”   Please see the PDF for lots of valuable information.  One hour, $90 and includes an 11-page expanded PDF and a 1-card oracle card reading.

Soul Integration - Shadow Work

This is a deeply transformative offering for those who are truly ready for profound change.  Each session is unique and meets you where you are to resolve stubborn, unwanted habits and inexplicable repetitive patterns.  A combination of hypnotherapy, guided imagery, therapeutic imagery, NLP and a lot of energy work on multiple dimensions.  Be prepared to be a very active participant where you are supported every step of the way.   1.5 hours, $165.

Hi! My name is Teresa Klan
You can find me at local events and online as a guest speaker. Click on the link below to listen to my most recent interview. (PR package available upon request for public guest appearances, speaking engagements).
As a young girl, Teresa was gratefully blessed with a full-on illumination experience of Unity consciousness that imbued a mysterious light of purity in her heart that allows her to connect with high level beings and use that for healing. With her blessed illumination experience happening at such a young age, she's been able to capture the mastery skills over many decades that's needed to weave threads of multi-disciplinary spiritual knowledge and wisdom and create personalized sessions just right for you.

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