Teresa, the Bringer of the Dawn . . .
My purpose is to bring to our communities resources that foster and maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. I assist with expanding our levels of consciousness so we may make better informed choices for both the microcosm (ourselves) and macrocosm (all our relations).
Perhaps the most unique thing about me is I was blessed with Grace and consciously connected with the Divine at a young age during a spontaneous, full-on illumination into unity consciousness experience. During this bathing of Sacred Light I call Brilliance I was gifted realizations of perennial truths much like people speak of when they have had near-death experiences. For me I was able to stay alive in my body and retain all the memories and impressions of this rarified state of being.
Years later I sought out understanding and answers to what happened to me and to explore my Brilliance experience, which evolved into many blessings, special gifts and connections with Spirit helpers. What this humbly leaves me with is a profound love for Source/Creator/God/the Divine, all our relations and our sacred universe. This is the true reality we all co-create with every choice we make. It is my passion to support those seeking expanded awareness and consciousness, free of energetic distortions and interference. By taking responsibility and harmonizing with our unique energy signature frequencies we come into sympathetic resonance with the natural laws of the universe. This in turn self-activates our precious birthright of being sacred human Creator Beings. And this is what authentic manifesting is really about. With Divine guidance and support, we evolve our connections with ourselves, our ancestors, communities and the Divine. We organically share love and light with all beings, with our gorgeous jewel-like planet Earth and the benevolent star nations. We are all on the same trajectory: on our journey back home to Source, evolving as a species into Homo luminous. The time is now to claim your sovereign rights and gifts, ignite your inner lights, and consciously share your cymatic frequency patterns, your note, to our celestial symphony for all of us as we dream a new world into being.
Some training/certifications to highlight include: Akashic Records reader and teacher, shamanism, metaphysical mentor/coach, Elemental Space Clearing, Pranic Healing, Angel guide, Certified Intuitive Strategist Soul Integration, psycopomp, crystal therapist, nature communicator, tarot and oracle card expert, intuitive readings without props, dowsing, etheric energy transmitter, remote viewing, aura repairer and refresher, Heartmath mentor, 5 lineages of Reiki, mediumship, herbalism and guidance to your I Am Presence through Soul Alignment: A Multi-Dimensional Odyssey.
Saving you time, I offer the distillation of the very best, most effective healing techniques that I know have helped me and my clients over the years. We can explore the hidden undercurrents of every facet of your life: spiritual development, relationships, mental-emotional wellness, abundance and prosperity, career, purpose work. We can free you from energetic distortions and invite your true living light in, creating a better connection with your higher self and the Divine!
What People Say
Teresa has been such an incredibly powerful healer in my life since we met. I love her authentic and genuine nature, her true healing gifts that were personalized for me. I also had a very powerful Akashic Records session and it changed my life for the better. I can only say wonderful things about Teresa and you will know when you meet her that she is pure Love and Light.
Nicole D., Victoria, BC

I wanted to thank you from my soul for the incredible session that you do so beautifully. You truly are an ascended master. I have no words to express my gratitude, you are a blessing to me. All I can say is you are a Divine Healer. You transformed my life not just for me to live better, but spiritually empowered me to find new awareness and meaning in my being. That is how powerful a light being you are with the knowledge and mastery in different energy/spiritual modalities you help people towards their best possible healings and outcomes. After years of struggling with challenging emotions, I was helped to identify and transmute them to a much higher dimensional frequency. Since then, the changes in my life are phenomenal. Teresa has a very warm, friendly and healing demeanour and much of ife's sorrows go away just by talking to her. I highly recommend her to anyone.
R. B., Calgary, Alberta

Your energy is like you are holding, rather cradling me in your arms. There is so much love, so much gentle mother love coupled with wisdom from the ancestors. How you described the activation was extremely visual for me and I felt the sensation of light surrounding me. Afterwards I slept like a baby and woke up very re-vitalized so thank you for that!!! Teresa is a breath of fresh air and in her presence you feel the oneness that she embodies and her powerful loving and healing heart energy. She is a graceful, empathic, wise soul who understands as she has walked the healing path for decades and she warmly shares her own golden 'tool kit' in a totally relatable and easy-to-integrate way to support and encourage others on their personal journey to self-empowerment. It is always an honour to connect with Teresa. Her presence allows you to feel seen, heard and sovereign.
K.L., Germany

I can’t tell you how much I got out of this session.  I had the best sleep I’ve had in many months last night.  The ability to listen to and participate in the session again, however many times, is absolutely wonderful.  Your ability to teach, share and make me at ease during the session is something to be extremely proud of.  A couple of my friends will be making appointments with you.  I don’t make references often.  I am so happy I can do that.  You have very special skills and talents.  Thank you so much, my friend.  These learnings will never be forgotten.

MB, Nanaimo, BC

I have had the pleasure to experience two very powerful sessions with Teresa, and I am looking forward to my next.  I feel blessed to have connected with such an amazing practitioner.  So much gratitude!

Pamela M., North Carolina, USA

I have just listened to my Akashic Records reading for the third time, making sure I have all the jucy details of our session.  As a healer myself, who also works in the quantum field, it is a delight to have a session with someone who can take me to nuances that I didn’t know were still there.  Teresa not only unearthed wounds that were still in my field, but also released them for me with skill, respect and a clear vision of what the guides and ancestors were recommending.  The session not only addressed my question but also started with an overview of what the guides wanted to reveal for my benefit.  Teresa is professional and thoughtful, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to know more about themselves and is interested in forward growth on the journey called life.  I am deeply grateful for our session and will return for me.  Thank you.

Jane Rashana Warren Campbell, Vancouver Island, BC

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